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Full Assault Rifle Reload Anims by falcont2t5,999 downloads
Fabrique Nationale P90 by HyperZ8,198 downloads
Desert AA12 (Fps Russia) by east55472,466 downloads
RE6 Anti Material Rifle by AlphaWolf7,175 downloads
Battlefield 3 - M16 by falcont2t2,601 downloads
The WarZ AKM by AlphaWolf1,955 downloads
BF3 - RPG by falcont2t4,102 downloads
Battlefield 3 ACW-R by AlphaWolf3,764 downloads

Max Payne 3 - IMBEL MD-97 by falcont2t627 downloads
Max Payne 3 - AK47 by falcont2t2,014 downloads
QSZ92 (Type 92 pistol) by 5.8mm2,247 downloads
QBZ03 (Type 03 assault rifle) by 5.8mm1,308 downloads
Super EPIC M40a1 by RageQuit576289 downloads
Tactical M4A1 CQB by HyperZ11,642 downloads
M4A1 Carbine by AlphaWolf4,531 downloads
LK-05 CQC Carbine Concept Rifle by Likon , AlphaWolf14,149 downloads

Vzor.58 by AlphaWolf523 downloads
Super Deagle by RageQuit5761,359 downloads
QBZ95 (Type 95 assault rifle) Pack by 5.8mm3,782 downloads
Taurus Weapons Pack v2 by Kadu & OttoMods1,132 downloads
KDW by HyperZ4,335 downloads
Desert "Dragon" Eagle by HyperZ8,709 downloads
Sound for Beretta 92FS by ProX558 downloads
iPhone50 by 5.8mm1,202 downloads

Gold SPAS-12 by crazzkid2/47(AM-Team)1,187 downloads
MAC-10 by HyperZ5,552 downloads
Desert Eagle Gold From PointBlank HD by GTAModsLK644 downloads
Black Ops 2 Camo Pack by OfficerGuardian1,969 downloads
Spas 12 Camos by OfficerGuardian893 downloads
Freezer Gun by maxvick118,128 downloads