Glock-18 From CS:GO by MishKa Volkav),FrostByte,Valve1,094 downloads
Magnum 44 by alpha00982,311 downloads
M4A1 for marksmen by cjisntgay2,180 downloads
Barrett M107 by cjisntgay2,141 downloads
M4 Carbine Sticker Bomb Skin by illxst567 downloads
Desert Eagle From CS:GO by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte, Valve370 downloads
CS:GO AWP sound mod by CptYeahToast161 downloads
AWP from CS:GO by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte,Valve852 downloads

Berreta M9 v2 by alpha00981,533 downloads
Heineken Bat by BOSS 007276 downloads
Budweiser Bat by BOSS 007172 downloads
New Pepsi Bat by BOSS 007507 downloads
Coca Cola Special Edition Bat by BOSS 007145 downloads
Barrett M107CQ by cjisntgay1,871 downloads
Camo mix by Migoscus627 downloads
FPSRussia - Minigun sound mod by CAXTILTECA3,013 downloads

6-shot Grenade Launcher (full auto) by noentiendero2,023 downloads
Battlefield 3/4 HK417 V2 by hl2poo1,975 downloads
Battlefield 4 Custom Tactical 870 by hl2poo3,151 downloads
Battlefield 4 MGL (For TBoGT) by hl2poo3,408 downloads
Battlefield 4 USAS 12 (For TBoGT) by hl2poo793 downloads
Battlefield 4 XM25 (For TBoGT) by hl2poo1,197 downloads
Mosin-Nagant by Victim_Crasher796 downloads
NDM-86 by cjisntgay1,225 downloads

Twinkie Masta XM1014 Redux by Victim_Crasher1,078 downloads
AK 74 by kirizawa365 downloads
SPAS-12 by Victim_Crasher1,561 downloads
Call of Duty Ghosts FP6 Shotgun for GTA IV/EFLC by Sayak96340 downloads
Private custom weapons package Redux by wolaiwwgta666384 downloads
Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X Submachine Gun for GTA IV/EFLC by Sayak96719 downloads