M82A3 sound mod by GTAIVadict9,688 downloads
Weapon Realism Mod + Fallout NV Ammo Caliber Types v2 FINAL by Naruto 607746 downloads
Molotov Juggernog texture. V1 by T1GER4041,036 downloads
QJY-88(Type 88 LMG) by sahawx23,010 downloads
L96A1 sound mod (Update) by GTAIVadict3,435 downloads
AK-74M by Riot-MH3,780 downloads
M1903A1 Springfield by sahawx23,506 downloads
Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.3 w/ Sounds from Crysis 2 by wapeddell8,815 downloads

Crysis 1 Weapon Pack V.2 w/Sounds From Crysis 1 by wapeddell1,495 downloads
[PUSH] MAC 10 by Push13,254 downloads
Tweaked Weapons Mod by ijustkilledu007 + SWEETNESS T 17300 downloads
HQ Gold Guns Pack by gw_rocktar_9946 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 - Specularity FIX by NikoFromIndo1,822 downloads
HK UZI by NikoFromIndo1,499 downloads
Glock 17 by Riot-MH6,729 downloads
Glock 19 by NikoFromIndo6,777 downloads

GOL Sniper Magnum V2 by sahawx21,545 downloads
[PUSH] Sako TRG 42 V2.0 *Updated-Added New Skin* by Push6,988 downloads
M4A1 SOPMOD by NikoFromIndo5,684 downloads
Izhmash SV-98 by sahawx23,509 downloads
Half Life 2 Weapon Pack V2 WITH WORKING GRAVITY GUN *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,203 downloads
AKS-74u by NikoFromIndo2,455 downloads
FN-FAL Sniper by NikoFromIndo985 downloads
S_ource Knife by NikoFromIndo779 downloads

Prototype MSBS 5.56 by NikoFromIndo4,098 downloads
Realistic EFLC Weapon Mod and FNV Ammo Caliber Types by Naruto 6071,063 downloads
MattyDienhoff's Weapon Realism Mod + Fallout NV Ammo Caliber Types by Naruto 607526 downloads
Medal Of Honor 2010 Weapon pack by edsir988,433 downloads
Magpul Masada by Killerfist2,009 downloads
Steyr Elite(Scout V2) by sahawx24,066 downloads