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Mass Effect 3 AR Weapon Pack by wapeddell9,724 downloads
Mass Effect 3 SMG Weapon Pack *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,139 downloads
Mass Effect 3 Pistol Weapon Pack by wapeddell3,485 downloads
Lollipop Chainsaw Present Box by Tatsuo667 downloads
Molotov RPG by tHeBrUt3 KiLLeR475 downloads
Rocket shooting Deagle & Mp5 by ZombieGangster2,128 downloads
Dishonored Corvo's Blade by metalwars5,416 downloads
Howa Type89 Assault Rifle by konnyaku800 downloads

Devil May Cry Dante Weapons *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,265 downloads
A&K SVD Dragunov by metalwars3,326 downloads
German M43 Stick Grenade by metalwars2,663 downloads
AW50F by Killerfist4,498 downloads
Spike M4 by edsir984,843 downloads
Triple AK Pack by edsir983,826 downloads
BF3 M16-A4 by edsir983,236 downloads
Magpul Masada SPR Sniper by edsir983,042 downloads

Python 357 Aimshot by edsir986,836 downloads
Kukri Blade by edsir9810,807 downloads
AUG-A3 by edsir987,528 downloads
Steyraug by edsir982,812 downloads
Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns by Naruto 607915 downloads
Remington ACR + Optics *updated/fixed* by 9SYcH01,851 downloads
AR-15 by NikoFromIndo1,475 downloads
McMillan TAC-300 by cjisntgay7,089 downloads

Barrett M107 w/AN/PVS-13 optics by cjisntgay16,968 downloads
Russian Handgun Pack by edsir982,220 downloads
AK47 Draco by edsir982,033 downloads
Gerber Powerframe Knife by edsir983,494 downloads
MM118 AK by edsir983,332 downloads
MK48 mod 0 by edsir988,121 downloads