Colt AR-15+ACOG by 9SYcH0820 downloads
[PUSH] HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight V2.5 by Push21,206 downloads
TAC AK by Reza mctavish839 downloads
MP40 by 9SYcH01,398 downloads
Silenced + Automatic Snipers by GABYBOOM1,755 downloads
Creation of Flame Rounds for Grenade Launchers by Naruto 607697 downloads
China Lake by 9SYcH0774 downloads
Zoom-B K-L-R HK Auto-Shotgun + Options *Updated* by CORE.MAX20104,465 downloads

L-E-N Killer M41A + Option *Updated* by CORE.MAX20105,223 downloads
Milkor MGL 140 by 9SYcH01,203 downloads
XM25 *updated* by 9SYcH01,603 downloads
Double-barreled shotgun by Killerfist5,287 downloads
AK47 by Killerfist2,881 downloads
RedBaron AK-47 by RedBaron283 downloads
Conflict: Desert Storm Weapon Line Mod by Naruto 607557 downloads
BF3 Sound Modification Beta v2 by NicoandLuis778 downloads

"Old Painless" Minigun Sound Mod by bigretard6,186 downloads
Webster Loves You! (Movie-Style Silencer Mod) by bigretard393 downloads
[PUSH]HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight UPDATED V1.5 by Push6,959 downloads
HK45C by edsir982,353 downloads
Joker Gun by metalwars1,838 downloads
PTRS-41 by cjisntgay1,924 downloads
Heineken HD molotov retexture by HyperZ2,763 downloads
Kuato Lives Final Cut by bigretard466 downloads

SV-98 sound mod by GTAIVadict413 downloads
M4A1 RIS by NikoFromIndo3,079 downloads
Browning Hi-Power by cjisntgay4,850 downloads
Pulse Rifle Sound Mod by bigretard4,318 downloads
LR 300 by Killerfist2,663 downloads
AMT Silverballer by cjisntgay3,866 downloads