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Mw3 barrett 50 cal BETA by XzSuPaHoTz JKILLA342 FaZe-_FaKiE7,595 downloads
Desert Eagle Guns Pack by Naruto 6072,907 downloads
Blood Prison Guns Pack by Naruto 6071,043 downloads
Gold AK47 BETA by XzSuPaHoTz 2,737 downloads
M21 by 9SYcH01,090 downloads
SCAR-H by NikoFromIndo2,257 downloads
AK47 (no stock) by Killerfist4,218 downloads
Exploding Nokia 3310 by Victim_Crasher1,442 downloads

FN P90 by NikoFromIndo5,800 downloads
Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher BaseBall Bat by Cisconetto and Killerfist4,413 downloads
H&K's MP5 A5 by Nobeus5,279 downloads
MW3 RPG-7 by 9SYcH02,379 downloads
AS VAL by Riot-MH1,842 downloads
Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Mod by Quechus133,270 downloads
Total Rubber Guns Mod by Naruto 6071,081 downloads
Colt Defender by Killerfist4,196 downloads

MW2 Breach Charge by 9SYcH0846 downloads
DSR-1 by 9SYcH02,269 downloads
Naruto's M1911 by Naruto 607675 downloads
Eagle of Truth by Naruto 607675 downloads
Naruto's M16A2 by Naruto 607630 downloads
P99 Sound for 9SYcH0 p99. by foad.fakor3,989 downloads
Five Seven by Killerfist3,947 downloads
[FNV]10mm & 9mm Pistol by pr0t0typ3IV448 downloads

Realism Series - Weapon & Explosion Sounds + Physics v1.2 by ces13,266 downloads
Green Goblin Pumpkin Mod by Quechus132,159 downloads
Loki's Scepter Mod by Quechus132,637 downloads
My weapons sounds pack by GTAIVadict2,695 downloads
Homefront - M249 Updated by RoosterArmament1,534 downloads
[FNV].22 Silenced SMG V2 by pr0t0typ3IV435 downloads