Medal Of Honor 2010 Weapon pack by edsir988,925 downloads
Magpul Masada by Killerfist2,083 downloads
Steyr Elite(Scout V2) by sahawx24,265 downloads
TAR-21 *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,685 downloads
Mossberg 500 Shotgun *UPDATED* by wapeddell5,097 downloads
Steyer AUG A3 *UPDATED* by wapeddell5,091 downloads
AKS-74u *UPDATED* by wapeddell1,396 downloads
Solid Snake Socoms *UPDATED* by wapeddell2,967 downloads

AK-47 with custom ramp for scope and folding butt *UPDATED* by wapeddell2,292 downloads
Famas *UPDATED* by wapeddell2,867 downloads
Beretta 92 by Killerfist8,166 downloads
Uzi Of TBOGT to IV by nErO_251,543 downloads
FN SCAR-H LMG by sahawx25,254 downloads
Navy SEAL Colt M4A1 / HK416 Updated 2 by CORE.MAX20103,338 downloads
Chris Costa M4 by edsir982,357 downloads
MP5 Flashlight by indirivacua999 downloads

M14 EBR by Killerfist5,189 downloads
Crysis 1 Weapon Pack *UPDATED* by wapeddell708 downloads
[PUSH] FN FAL DSA by Push8,081 downloads
Steyr Scout by sahawx21,073 downloads
Glock 18 Tactical by edsir983,587 downloads
M590A1 by NikoFromIndo6,514 downloads
MP5 RIS Nom900a by edsir983,628 downloads
Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.2 *UPDATED* by wapeddell3,317 downloads

KSG 12 by CORE.MAX20106,989 downloads
Walther P99 by NikoFromIndo1,121 downloads
[PUSH] M16 A2 by Push8,297 downloads
HK416 by Killerfist2,443 downloads
Sig Sauer P228 by NikoFromIndo2,346 downloads
China 79 Type SMG by NikoFromIndo1,365 downloads