M590A1 by NikoFromIndo6,455 downloads
MP5 RIS Nom900a by edsir983,577 downloads
Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.2 *UPDATED* by wapeddell3,281 downloads
KSG 12 by CORE.MAX20106,939 downloads
Walther P99 by NikoFromIndo1,104 downloads
[PUSH] M16 A2 by Push8,140 downloads
HK416 by Killerfist2,415 downloads
Sig Sauer P228 by NikoFromIndo2,322 downloads

China 79 Type SMG by NikoFromIndo1,351 downloads
CZ75 by NikoFromIndo2,146 downloads
HD Wooden Baseball Bat by HyperZ4,670 downloads
IMI Galil Sniper AKA Galatz by X42.01,088 downloads
[PUSH] Ares Shrike 5.56 by Push7,988 downloads
Big gift of GUNS by cjisntgay23,893 downloads
AK-47 by NikoFromIndo963 downloads
MP5A3 by KillerFist6662,852 downloads

Crysis 2 Weapon Pack by wapeddell2,540 downloads
Devil May Cry 4 Nero Blue Rose Gun by wapeddell1,851 downloads
Devil May Cry 4 Nero Red Queen Sword by wapeddell3,200 downloads
PKP Pecheneg(Updated) by sahawx21,541 downloads
Max Payne 3 Weapon Sounds Mod V1.0 by falcont2t2,930 downloads
HK417 Battle Rifle(w/Silencer and ACOG) by cjisntgay6,458 downloads
AK47 Metro2033 by edsir981,935 downloads
GAU-19 Gatling Machine Gun(Final) by cjisntgay8,786 downloads

GAU-19 Gatling Machine Gun(BETA) by cjisntgay2,044 downloads
Super Weapons by hirig8881,277 downloads
Rifles for terrorist by ima1008813,606 downloads
[PUSH] Alabama Slammer Bowie Knife by Push13,493 downloads
Bullet indicator for Advance shotgun in TBOGT by KanePurcell1,667 downloads
[PUSH] SPAS 12 Tactical by Push16,025 downloads