Green Goblin Pumpkin Mod by Quechus132,417 downloads
Loki's Scepter Mod by Quechus132,938 downloads
My weapons sounds pack by GTAIVadict2,922 downloads
Homefront - M249 Updated by RoosterArmament1,608 downloads
[FNV].22 Silenced SMG V2 by pr0t0typ3IV547 downloads
SR-3M by NikoFromIndo1,894 downloads
Walther P99 + Options by 9SYcH09,829 downloads
Homefront - Beretta M9 by RoosterArmament1,338 downloads

Ranger Sequoia (FNV) by 9SYcH0673 downloads
[FNV]Lucky (Revolver) by pr0t0typ3IV643 downloads
[FNV]Anti-Material Rifle by pr0t0typ3IV802 downloads
Rubber Gun Mod for LCPD and NOOSE v2 by Naruto 6071,517 downloads
Beretta 92 Silenced with Flashlight by Killerfist and Naruto 6075,575 downloads
L85-A2 + Options *Updated* by CORE.MAX20104,156 downloads
Cowboy Repeater (FNV) by 9SYcH01,410 downloads
Homefront - E870 by RoosterArmament793 downloads

Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack by Naruto 6079,794 downloads
Realistic Weapon Mod, Naruto's Style v2 by Naruto 6072,977 downloads
Maria (FNV) by 9SYcH02,316 downloads
[MassEffect]2 More guns by pr0t0typ3IV514 downloads
Riot Shotgun (FNV) by 9SYcH02,227 downloads
Homefront - M4 by RoosterArmament1,090 downloads
Hollywood Style Weapons Sounds by tmdesign626 downloads
Walther PPK w/silencer version 2 by BAD_OMEN2,436 downloads

[MassEffect]Rifle by pr0t0typ3IV780 downloads
[MassEffect]M12 Locust by pr0t0typ3IV624 downloads
Winchester Model 1887 V2 by 9SYcH04,182 downloads
[MassEffect]Sniper Rifle by pr0t0typ3IV566 downloads
[Mass Effect]M-3 Predator by pr0t0typ3IV540 downloads
RPK by Killerfist2,671 downloads