Weapon Sounds in Movies by Rangerscall1,479 downloads
RedBaron (Arsenal) AK-47 by RedBaron446 downloads
Walther PPK w/silencer by BAD_OMEN3,021 downloads
Bareta M9 by Seby0086,309 downloads
Homefront - SCAR LMG by RoosterArmament753 downloads
Winchester Model 1887 + IV support by 9SYcH0856 downloads
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Thompson M1a1 20+30 magazine by 9SYcH01,757 downloads

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Textures for CORE.MAX's AK-47 by LamboFreak1,544 downloads
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GTA IV Grenade Launcher/Explosive Shotgun mod v2 by Ghettofrosch13,012 downloads
[PUSH] H&K MP5k by Push15,186 downloads
Colt AR-15+ACOG by 9SYcH01,074 downloads
[PUSH] HK USP 45 with Working Flashlight V2.5 by Push27,096 downloads
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