AMT Silverballer by cjisntgay4,146 downloads
Bomb Bag [BomB] by Nevitro2,039 downloads
AutoMag Weapon Line Update by Naruto 607846 downloads
New IV Hud by Hooky2,179 downloads
APC Cannon and Buzzard Weapons Upgrade by Naruto 6071,063 downloads
Portal 2 Gun by wapeddell2,638 downloads
Link Sword by wapeddell2,269 downloads
Rubber Gun Mod for LCPD and NOOSE by Naruto 6071,206 downloads

Realistic Weapon Mod, Naruto's Style by Naruto 6073,072 downloads
Mk46 Mod0 w/ACOG Sight (Plus a new anim) by cjisntgay2,520 downloads
XM312 Heavy Machine Gun by cjisntgay1,357 downloads
Barrett M99 by sahawx22,929 downloads
Browning M2HB by cjisntgay2,032 downloads
Remington 870 sound mod by GTAIVadict631 downloads
Magnum 44 sound mod by GTAIVadict9,803 downloads
M82A3 sound mod by GTAIVadict11,218 downloads

Weapon Realism Mod + Fallout NV Ammo Caliber Types v2 FINAL by Naruto 607919 downloads
Molotov Juggernog texture. V1 by T1GER4041,232 downloads
QJY-88(Type 88 LMG) by sahawx23,306 downloads
L96A1 sound mod (Update) by GTAIVadict3,754 downloads
AK-74M by Riot-MH4,311 downloads
M1903A1 Springfield by sahawx24,065 downloads
Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.3 w/ Sounds from Crysis 2 by wapeddell9,809 downloads
Crysis 1 Weapon Pack V.2 w/Sounds From Crysis 1 by wapeddell1,721 downloads

[PUSH] MAC 10 by Push16,009 downloads
Tweaked Weapons Mod by ijustkilledu007 + SWEETNESS T 17386 downloads
HQ Gold Guns Pack by gw_rocktar_91,053 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 - Specularity FIX by NikoFromIndo2,068 downloads
HK UZI by NikoFromIndo1,715 downloads
Glock 17 by Riot-MH7,939 downloads