AUG3 sniper by edsir983,355 downloads
MP7 with Military Dot Sight + Options Updated v5 by CORE.MAX201024,141 downloads
[PUSH] PP-19 Bizon by Push7,002 downloads
MP7 with Military Dot Sight by CORE.MAX20104,024 downloads
Silenced Glock 18c by MoonShineMods2,765 downloads
[PUSH] Glock 20 by Push16,582 downloads
M1917 Lee Enfield by GTAIV_Dark_Vade853 downloads
[PUSH] FN Scar C-Mag by Push4,378 downloads

Scar by indirivacua406 downloads
BF3 Sound Modification Beta by NicoandLuis682 downloads
[PUSH] Tactical Knives Pack by Push4,095 downloads
M249 From TbogT with Anim by Captainsea2,228 downloads
H&K-416 Custom by shonenlex2,999 downloads
[PUSH] AW L115A1 V2 by Push4,662 downloads
[PUSH] AW L115A1 by Push3,504 downloads
Weapon Pack II by NikoFromIndo4,268 downloads

[PUSH] Tactical Uzi by Push8,910 downloads
MW3 RSASS Scope + Red Dot by CORE.MAX20105,105 downloads
Urban Weapons by RNK Firearms8,237 downloads
AEK 973 by VnMStyle1,123 downloads
[PUSH] SIG 552 SOPMOD by Push3,672 downloads
Scar-L by bugmenot1,104 downloads
M-249 by bugmenot1,634 downloads
GTA IV Newspaper Molotov Mod by True_Metal_Head371 downloads

XM8 - Pack by edsir982,541 downloads
Crysis 2 SCAR V3 + SKIN PACK by CORE.MAX2010 and falcont2t 6,267 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - V3.0 by falcont2t18,274 downloads
Default Weapon Icons by rumblylwc1,891 downloads
[PUSH] GTA 4 H&K G3 Sniper Rifle by Push3,508 downloads
Tactical Gear (non silenced version) by RNK Firearms2,330 downloads