Little Rocket Launcher Mod by AzR_MaNiiAkixS1,697 downloads
S.W.A.T. Issued Weapons by Killerfist18,198 downloads
GTA4 Explosive Shotgun v1 by Ghettofrosch12,159 downloads
G36 PACK by LLamas_971,906 downloads
FNC-Pack by edsir981,231 downloads
Barrett M82 - 50 Cal by edsir985,183 downloads
MK11 MOD 0 (M110 SASS) by sahawx23,721 downloads
[PUSH] Silver Colt 1911 Suppressed by Push27,454 downloads

Better Gun Damage, Force, and Anims by itztrey1,267 downloads
FGM-148 Javelin by metalwars8,234 downloads
XM8 LMG v2 by sahawx21,118 downloads
GOL Sniper Magnum by sahawx2854 downloads
UMP 45 by Killerfist9,068 downloads
Marshall (Crysis 2) by NikoFromIndo692 downloads
M16A4 by Killerfist3,171 downloads
[PUSH] Beretta PX4 by Push12,525 downloads

Rollermine Disco Grenade by metalwars2,458 downloads
Sig Sauer SG751 by Killerfist965 downloads
Sacred Sword by metalwars3,325 downloads
MW2 TMP Texture by smeagol_rp2,089 downloads
Magnum Rifle With Laser Sight by metalwars2,481 downloads
Taurus Raging Bull by Killerfist3,147 downloads
Max Payne 3 Style Mini 30 / Mini 14 Ruger + Options Updated 1 by CORE.MAX20103,387 downloads
KAC-PDW + Silencer Option (Updated 1) by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir987,959 downloads

[PUSH] FN SCAR-H Sniper Rifle by Push7,394 downloads
Barrett 98B by Killerfist2,601 downloads
AKS-74U by RNK Firearms1,788 downloads
Moe'S Smirnoff Molotov by .Moe2,417 downloads
[PUSH] Tactical MP9 plus Options by Push7,101 downloads
[PUSH] H&K G36c Tactical by Push20,605 downloads