Max Payne 3 Weapon Sounds Mod V1.0 by falcont2t3,107 downloads
HK417 Battle Rifle(w/Silencer and ACOG) by cjisntgay6,757 downloads
AK47 Metro2033 by edsir982,036 downloads
GAU-19 Gatling Machine Gun(Final) by cjisntgay9,334 downloads
GAU-19 Gatling Machine Gun(BETA) by cjisntgay2,169 downloads
Super Weapons by hirig8881,329 downloads
Rifles for terrorist by ima1008813,732 downloads
[PUSH] Alabama Slammer Bowie Knife by Push14,955 downloads

Bullet indicator for Advance shotgun in TBOGT by KanePurcell1,756 downloads
[PUSH] SPAS 12 Tactical by Push17,884 downloads
Tactical FBI And SWAT Gear by edsir986,903 downloads
More to see and night vision sniper scope by KanePurcell1,391 downloads
Little Rocket Launcher Mod by AzR_MaNiiAkixS1,743 downloads
S.W.A.T. Issued Weapons by Killerfist19,049 downloads
GTA4 Explosive Shotgun v1 by Ghettofrosch12,189 downloads
G36 PACK by LLamas_971,949 downloads

FNC-Pack by edsir981,265 downloads
Barrett M82 - 50 Cal by edsir985,347 downloads
MK11 MOD 0 (M110 SASS) by sahawx23,824 downloads
[PUSH] Silver Colt 1911 Suppressed by Push28,849 downloads
Better Gun Damage, Force, and Anims by itztrey1,287 downloads
FGM-148 Javelin by metalwars8,434 downloads
XM8 LMG v2 by sahawx21,144 downloads
GOL Sniper Magnum by sahawx2876 downloads

UMP 45 by Killerfist9,293 downloads
Marshall (Crysis 2) by NikoFromIndo709 downloads
M16A4 by Killerfist3,214 downloads
[PUSH] Beretta PX4 by Push13,051 downloads
Rollermine Disco Grenade by metalwars2,505 downloads
Sig Sauer SG751 by Killerfist994 downloads