AKS-74u *UPDATED* by wapeddell2,156 downloads
Solid Snake Socoms *UPDATED* by wapeddell3,839 downloads
AK-47 with custom ramp for scope and folding butt *UPDATED* by wapeddell3,145 downloads
Famas *UPDATED* by wapeddell3,812 downloads
Beretta 92 by Killerfist10,142 downloads
Uzi Of TBOGT to IV by nErO_252,148 downloads
FN SCAR-H LMG by sahawx26,302 downloads
Navy SEAL Colt M4A1 / HK416 Updated 2 by CORE.MAX20104,288 downloads

Chris Costa M4 by edsir983,211 downloads
MP5 Flashlight by indirivacua1,749 downloads
M14 EBR by Killerfist6,508 downloads
Crysis 1 Weapon Pack *UPDATED* by wapeddell1,422 downloads
[PUSH] FN FAL DSA by Push9,941 downloads
Steyr Scout by sahawx21,747 downloads
Glock 18 Tactical by edsir984,978 downloads
M590A1 by NikoFromIndo7,912 downloads

MP5 RIS Nom900a by edsir984,796 downloads
Crysis 2 Weapon Pack V.2 *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,242 downloads
KSG 12 by CORE.MAX20108,303 downloads
Walther P99 by NikoFromIndo1,869 downloads
[PUSH] M16 A2 by Push11,124 downloads
HK416 by Killerfist3,346 downloads
Sig Sauer P228 by NikoFromIndo3,197 downloads
China 79 Type SMG by NikoFromIndo2,126 downloads

CZ75 by NikoFromIndo3,009 downloads
HD Wooden Baseball Bat by HyperZ5,949 downloads
IMI Galil Sniper AKA Galatz by X42.01,730 downloads
[PUSH] Ares Shrike 5.56 by Push9,576 downloads
Big gift of GUNS by cjisntgay29,277 downloads
AK-47 by NikoFromIndo1,615 downloads