MW3 AK47 + Granade Launcher by CORE.MAX20105,604 downloads
M4A1 with grenade launcher by edsir98656 downloads
MW3 ACR by CORE.MAX20103,624 downloads
HK23E, M9 Silenced, UMP by edsir981,136 downloads
Arby26 's FN FAL by coltmaster19112,081 downloads
SMAW Mk153 Mod 0 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade6,879 downloads
MW3 MP5 by CORE.MAX20109,929 downloads
M4 C-Mag+Granade Launcher+Scope Beta by CORE.MAX20102,723 downloads

M4A1 with holographic sight + camos by edsir98807 downloads
MW2 FN-SCAR-H + ACOG by CORE.MAX20103,588 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M21 - Mk14 EBR V2 by CORE.MAX20102,846 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons PT3 by rumblylwc2,203 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M21 Mk14 EBR by CORE.MAX20104,736 downloads
Batman Arkham Asylum Grapple Gun (BETA) by Jmulla1,212 downloads
L85A2(SA80A2) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,861 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons PT2 by rumblylwc1,734 downloads

Galil from PR + Conversion Tutorial by coltmaster19111,279 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons by rumblylwc1,979 downloads
Mario Mushroom Health Kit by wapeddell500 downloads
Seph's M4 with ACOG by coltmaster19113,516 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - v2.0 by falcont2t14,603 downloads
[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - 1.1 FIX by falcont2t3,959 downloads
Crysis 2 Feline BETA by wapeddell803 downloads
My Weapon Pack by rkfrkfrkf2,205 downloads

FN SCAR-L with ACOG (Updated Final) by shonenlex3,059 downloads
HD Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher v3 by Cisconetto2,639 downloads
[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - 1.0 FIX by falcont2t3,709 downloads
[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod by falcont2t5,153 downloads
Custom INI for Flashlight 4 Weapons v1 by motorsport712,535 downloads
PP2000 by coltmaster19114,872 downloads