SPAS-12 by Killerfist5,728 downloads
Crysis 2 SCAR V2 Large + Options by CORE.MAX20101,602 downloads
Crysis 2 SCAR by CORE.MAX20101,339 downloads
SCAR (CryEngine 3) by NikoFromIndo1,025 downloads
AK-47 (L4D2) by NikoFromIndo1,231 downloads
M14 (MW3) by NikoFromIndo1,276 downloads
MW3 M4 Hybrid Scope V2 Model and Textures Fixed by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir985,668 downloads
M60E4 by bugmenot2,986 downloads

Sawed Off Shotgun for GTA 4 by jedrek426655 downloads
H&K 21 by bugmenot847 downloads
MW3 M16A4 C-MAG SCOPE by CORE.MAX20103,399 downloads
Ak74u Weapon Accessories Pack by edsir981,762 downloads
M240B by bugmenot2,509 downloads
CoD4 Gold AK-47 by Demonboy666ownz659 downloads
Weapon Sound Pack by janusantskyFAN7,896 downloads
Ak74u With Strap by edsir982,666 downloads

Colt m1911 (5 versions) by CORE.MAX2010 and Killerfist7,893 downloads
BF3 M4A1 + Acog + Flashlight by edsir98 and CORE.MAX20104,492 downloads
Taurus 24/7 ProTactical + 2 skins by edsir981,448 downloads
MG-4 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,468 downloads
Desert Eagle (Engraved) by Killerfist and CORE.MAX201010,904 downloads
Draco SMG by Killerfist2,078 downloads
MW3 G36C by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir987,081 downloads
MW3 M4 Red Dot Black Edition by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir984,152 downloads

Stoner Rifle (SR) 25 by Killerfist2,114 downloads
M16A4 with Heartbeat Sensor by ReconZero1,464 downloads
MW3 M4 Red Dot by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir984,775 downloads
M1918 BAR by Killerfist1,322 downloads
PPSH 41 by Killerfist2,585 downloads
MW3 M4 Hybrid Scope by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir985,110 downloads