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FGM-148 Javelin by metalwars8,584 downloads
XM8 LMG v2 by sahawx21,173 downloads
GOL Sniper Magnum by sahawx2899 downloads
UMP 45 by Killerfist9,440 downloads
Marshall (Crysis 2) by NikoFromIndo744 downloads
M16A4 by Killerfist3,269 downloads
[PUSH] Beretta PX4 by Push13,380 downloads
Rollermine Disco Grenade by metalwars2,544 downloads

Sig Sauer SG751 by Killerfist1,030 downloads
Sacred Sword by metalwars3,431 downloads
MW2 TMP Texture by smeagol_rp2,169 downloads
Magnum Rifle With Laser Sight by metalwars2,592 downloads
Taurus Raging Bull by Killerfist3,244 downloads
Max Payne 3 Style Mini 30 / Mini 14 Ruger + Options Updated 1 by CORE.MAX20103,470 downloads
KAC-PDW + Silencer Option (Updated 1) by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir988,234 downloads
[PUSH] FN SCAR-H Sniper Rifle by Push7,830 downloads

Barrett 98B by Killerfist2,708 downloads
AKS-74U by RNK Firearms1,898 downloads
Moe'S Smirnoff Molotov by .Moe2,548 downloads
[PUSH] Tactical MP9 plus Options by Push7,410 downloads
[PUSH] H&K G36c Tactical by Push21,974 downloads
[PUSH] Tactical Shotgun by Push27,416 downloads
Majestic Revolver by sahawx214,994 downloads
[PUSH] M249 Saw by Push11,625 downloads

Modern Hunter Guns Pack by sahawx22,032 downloads
[PUSH] Sako TRG 42 by Push3,823 downloads
[PUSH] HK USP Skin Options by Push5,064 downloads
[PUSH] HK USP by Push10,450 downloads
Accuracy International AW50F by sahawx23,324 downloads
Accuracy International AS50(Updated) by sahawx22,241 downloads