MW3 M4 Silencer+ACOG DESERT/URBAN by CORE.MAX20108,107 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 by edsir983,320 downloads
MP44 Assault Rifle (v2) by Killerfist1,337 downloads
SVT-40 Tokarev by Killerfist1,207 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons PT4 by rumblylwc5,427 downloads
MP44 Assault Rifle by Killerfist725 downloads
M4A1 with grenade launcher pack by edsir982,494 downloads
G3 Battle Rifle by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,959 downloads

Thompson 2009/PMD C75A3 Two-Pack by edsir98767 downloads
MW3 Striker by CORE.MAX20105,791 downloads
MW3 AK47 + Granade Launcher by CORE.MAX20105,891 downloads
M4A1 with grenade launcher by edsir98739 downloads
MW3 ACR by CORE.MAX20103,792 downloads
HK23E, M9 Silenced, UMP by edsir981,205 downloads
Arby26 's FN FAL by coltmaster19112,266 downloads
SMAW Mk153 Mod 0 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade7,388 downloads

MW3 MP5 by CORE.MAX201010,726 downloads
M4 C-Mag+Granade Launcher+Scope Beta by CORE.MAX20102,804 downloads
M4A1 with holographic sight + camos by edsir98865 downloads
MW2 FN-SCAR-H + ACOG by CORE.MAX20103,707 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M21 - Mk14 EBR V2 by CORE.MAX20102,995 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons PT3 by rumblylwc2,380 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M21 Mk14 EBR by CORE.MAX20104,917 downloads
Batman Arkham Asylum Grapple Gun (BETA) by Jmulla1,337 downloads

L85A2(SA80A2) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,977 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons PT2 by rumblylwc1,861 downloads
Galil from PR + Conversion Tutorial by coltmaster19111,384 downloads
HQ Weapon Icons by rumblylwc2,146 downloads
Mario Mushroom Health Kit by wapeddell579 downloads
Seph's M4 with ACOG by coltmaster19113,715 downloads