Halo Energy Sword V1 by pr0t0typ3IV and pr0t0typ3IV1,687 downloads
My GTAIV Gun & Explosion Sounds by Huddwink1,777 downloads
Vietnam War Mod v. 1 by Pi_Dark_Vade3,233 downloads
Crysis 2 Scarab by pr0t0typ3IV735 downloads
AKS-74U by b1gtime2,455 downloads
Pistole 38 by coltmaster1911891 downloads
EN4CR M4 by digitalEN4CR5,843 downloads
Halo Assault Rifle by pr0t0typ3IV1,975 downloads

L4D2 Combat Shotgun by nathanfxprules2,591 downloads
New Shotgun by martronn1,720 downloads
HK 416 by coltmaster1911867 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M14 DMR V2 by COREMAX2010 and GNWP5,717 downloads
Call of Duty MW2 M14 DMR by COREMAX2010 and GNWP1,589 downloads
Saiga 12 from BF2 PR by coltmaster19111,346 downloads
MP5 A3 from BF2 PR by coltmaster19112,786 downloads
High Rate of Fire Mod by Flava0ne1,661 downloads

Halo Sniper by pr0t0typ3IV768 downloads
Halo Magnum by pr0t0typ3IV769 downloads
Halo SMG by pr0t0typ3IV839 downloads
Halo Reach Hammer by SelR4c2,428 downloads
Famas by SelR4c3,116 downloads
Lancer (Beta) by pr0t0typ3IV633 downloads
Halo Plasma Pistol by pr0t0typ3IV896 downloads
M16A4 ACOG by Gsister2137,041 downloads

Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Weapons Pack by ZZCOOL5,228 downloads
Silenced SMG M4 by b1gtime2,279 downloads
Modern Weapons by JhoWadr3,219 downloads
Jewish Gun Pack by butterhole1,728 downloads
P90 and AA12 by JhoWadr3,987 downloads
Lightsaber Sound Mod by KBL4,430 downloads