Mario Mushroom Health Kit by wapeddell556 downloads
Seph's M4 with ACOG by coltmaster19113,654 downloads
Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - v2.0 by falcont2t15,830 downloads
[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - 1.1 FIX by falcont2t4,141 downloads
Crysis 2 Feline BETA by wapeddell852 downloads
My Weapon Pack by rkfrkfrkf2,252 downloads
FN SCAR-L with ACOG (Updated Final) by shonenlex3,149 downloads
HD Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher v3 by Cisconetto2,690 downloads

[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod - 1.0 FIX by falcont2t3,819 downloads
[OLD]Battlefield 3 Weapon Sound Mod by falcont2t5,351 downloads
Custom INI for Flashlight 4 Weapons v1 by motorsport712,670 downloads
PP2000 by coltmaster19115,069 downloads
KAC PDW "Shortstuff" by butterhole771 downloads
MG-36 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,582 downloads
H&K MP7 by butterhole1,921 downloads
Merry Christmas RELOADED by Quechus91,206 downloads

Butterhole's Swat M4 Re-Edit (AR-15) by porphyrios3,144 downloads
Python 357 pack beta by coltmaster19115,668 downloads
Colt M1911A1 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,816 downloads
AT-4 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,670 downloads
Seph's M4 Carbine (w/ attachment options) by Seph2,374 downloads
M4 by coltmaster19111,950 downloads
IMI Uzi by Seph2,763 downloads
Hitman Silverballer by bujid903,237 downloads

MG3 by coltmaster19114,594 downloads
Winchester Model 70 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade756 downloads
Flashlight 4 Weapons v1.0 by metalwars10,181 downloads
Beretta 92, Beretta M9 sound by JacquesRemlinger6,059 downloads
M24 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade993 downloads
Smith and Wesson M500 sound Version 2 by JacquesRemlinge1,895 downloads