Barrett M82 by NikoFromIndo12,060 downloads
Swat Weapon Pack by Edsirmods 5,719 downloads
MW3 Colt CM901 7.62x51mm by CORE.MAX20104,415 downloads
Tactical Gear by RNK Firearms5,590 downloads
Weapon Pack by NikoFromIndo6,831 downloads
KAR 98k by NikoFromIndo3,319 downloads
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Gailil Tactical by edsir982,780 downloads
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Colt M4A1 by NikoFromIndo4,013 downloads
MW3 M4 VLTOR by CORE.MAX20105,173 downloads
M93R Beretta by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo2,397 downloads
AMT Hardballer Longslide & silence by assassincy389 downloads
Gunshot Sound Mod for M249 by Push4,334 downloads
Masada (Assault Rifle) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo1,700 downloads

MW3 M4 CQBR by CORE.MAX20105,373 downloads
Dan Wesson PPC (Revolver) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo1,891 downloads
Crius SMG - SIZE FIXED by NikoFromIndo1,757 downloads
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Skyrim Hd Blade Sounds by falcont2t881 downloads
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M1014 Shotgun by Killerfist2,258 downloads
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AK-47 (L4D2) by NikoFromIndo1,368 downloads