GTA IV Realistic Weapon Damage Pack by zand3r4,862 downloads
Atomic Micro Uzi V1.1 by LLD1,771 downloads
TBOGT Super Weapons by Spy_D3SH2,530 downloads
MOH M110 by rkfrkfrkf8,414 downloads
New AK-47 by TURBO5002,245 downloads
Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Weapon Pack V2 by ZZCOOL5,962 downloads
DFMS 1911 Custom by coltmaster19113,524 downloads
Tanto Blade by Danham3,831 downloads

S&W M500ES by Danham3,687 downloads
S&W M500 by Danham3,660 downloads
Katana by Danham11,062 downloads
Colt M1911A1 Punisher by Danham3,285 downloads
Colt M1911A1 MEU by Danham5,712 downloads
Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum Revolver by Danham7,774 downloads
Beretta M92FS by Danham8,423 downloads
AI Arctic Warfare Magnum by Danham5,344 downloads

FN SCAR-L (mk.16) CQB by rkfrkfrkf7,085 downloads
Golden Jericho by Cubexd715 downloads
Two Tone Jericho by Dr.Shock,butterhole,Cubexd3,143 downloads
AK SOPMOD From Point Blank by Skript471,362 downloads
C9 Light Machine Gun by coltmaster19114,960 downloads
M16 A4 with ACOG and Grenade Launcher by coltmaster19119,460 downloads
Mosin–Nagant by X-Driver2,261 downloads
VSS Vintorez by X-Driver & Rexcore1,545 downloads

Realistic Weapon Damage (TLaD) by superjohn8971,422 downloads
Halo Energy Sword V1 by pr0t0typ3IV and pr0t0typ3IV1,700 downloads
My GTAIV Gun & Explosion Sounds by Huddwink1,794 downloads
Vietnam War Mod v. 1 by Pi_Dark_Vade3,252 downloads
Crysis 2 Scarab by pr0t0typ3IV742 downloads
AKS-74U by b1gtime2,472 downloads