M93R Beretta by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo2,919 downloads
AMT Hardballer Longslide & silence by assassincy794 downloads
Gunshot Sound Mod for M249 by Push4,935 downloads
Masada (Assault Rifle) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo2,192 downloads
MW3 M4 CQBR by CORE.MAX20106,005 downloads
Dan Wesson PPC (Revolver) by Killerfist and NikoFromIndo2,406 downloads
Crius SMG - SIZE FIXED by NikoFromIndo2,272 downloads
Sig Sauer P226 by edsir985,061 downloads

Skyrim Hd Blade Sounds by falcont2t1,381 downloads
Themis +options by NikoFromIndo2,566 downloads
H&K G36C +Options by NikoFromIndo5,235 downloads
Mossberg 590 by NikoFromIndo4,954 downloads
M1014 Shotgun by Killerfist2,830 downloads
SPAS-12 by Killerfist6,931 downloads
Crysis 2 SCAR V2 Large + Options by CORE.MAX20102,246 downloads
Crysis 2 SCAR by CORE.MAX20101,941 downloads

SCAR (CryEngine 3) by NikoFromIndo1,618 downloads
AK-47 (L4D2) by NikoFromIndo1,897 downloads
M14 (MW3) by NikoFromIndo1,904 downloads
MW3 M4 Hybrid Scope V2 Model and Textures Fixed by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir986,573 downloads
M60E4 by bugmenot3,729 downloads
Sawed Off Shotgun for GTA 4 by jedrek4261,171 downloads
H&K 21 by bugmenot1,432 downloads
MW3 M16A4 C-MAG SCOPE by CORE.MAX20104,198 downloads

Ak74u Weapon Accessories Pack by edsir982,470 downloads
M240B by bugmenot3,254 downloads
CoD4 Gold AK-47 by Demonboy666ownz1,163 downloads
Weapon Sound Pack by janusantskyFAN8,699 downloads
Ak74u With Strap by edsir983,500 downloads
Colt m1911 (5 versions) by CORE.MAX2010 and Killerfist9,814 downloads