MP7 with silencer and EOTech by coltmaster19111,586 downloads
Battlefield P4F Weapon Sounds V2 by falcont2t5,390 downloads
Winter Camo Texture for AI Arctic Warfare by 983 (simplestarwarsfan)523 downloads
Stalker Black Mp5 Gamebanana by falcont2t7,445 downloads
Battlefield P4F Weapon Sounds mod by falcont2t1,799 downloads
GTA4 MW2 Gun Sounds BETA by pr0t0typ3IV1,148 downloads
Gentleman's Shotgun Pack by butterhole4,013 downloads
MP-40 (Maschinenpistole 40) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,878 downloads

SWAT M4 by butterhole3,479 downloads
IMI Galil by butterhole5,111 downloads
Added Icon for Coltmaster1911 weapons by KBL2,683 downloads
M14 SOPMOD by butterhole3,924 downloads
Thompson M1928 (Chicago Typewriter) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade3,719 downloads
AN-94 Abakan by butterhole2,928 downloads
Barrett M82A1(Light Fifty) by Gsister2134,310 downloads
FN Five-SeveN by butterhole2,313 downloads

M249 w/ EOTECH and CMAG by butterhole5,228 downloads
Better Icon For Boow's Thompson Gun by iSlim246504 downloads
Wesker Samurai Edge by wapeddell1,450 downloads
A-35 MGL Grenade Launcher by butterhole1,946 downloads
Dead Space 2 Seeker by wapeddell2,015 downloads
.38 Special Snubnose by butterhole1,538 downloads
Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter by wapeddell2,217 downloads
Devil May Cry Lady's Weapon by wapeddell1,990 downloads

Dante's Ivory by wapeddell1,525 downloads
Realistic Weapon Damage (TBoGT) by superjohn8972,683 downloads
Realistic Weapon Damage (GTA IV) by superjohn8973,210 downloads
P226 from BF2 PR by coltmaster19111,159 downloads
Dante Rebellion Sword by wapeddell2,128 downloads
USAS-12 by butterhole2,741 downloads