MG-4 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,711 downloads
Desert Eagle (Engraved) by Killerfist and CORE.MAX201012,235 downloads
Draco SMG by Killerfist2,432 downloads
MW3 G36C by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir987,641 downloads
MW3 M4 Red Dot Black Edition by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir984,495 downloads
Stoner Rifle (SR) 25 by Killerfist2,372 downloads
M16A4 with Heartbeat Sensor by ReconZero1,633 downloads
MW3 M4 Red Dot by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir985,197 downloads

M1918 BAR by Killerfist1,600 downloads
PPSH 41 by Killerfist3,060 downloads
MW3 M4 Hybrid Scope by CORE.MAX2010 and edsir985,419 downloads
SIG SG552 by Killerfist1,781 downloads
MW3 M4 Silencer+ACOG DESERT/URBAN by CORE.MAX20108,593 downloads
Benelli M3 Super 90 by edsir983,519 downloads
MP44 Assault Rifle (v2) by Killerfist1,559 downloads
SVT-40 Tokarev by Killerfist1,384 downloads

HQ Weapon Icons PT4 by rumblylwc5,691 downloads
MP44 Assault Rifle by Killerfist886 downloads
M4A1 with grenade launcher pack by edsir982,695 downloads
G3 Battle Rifle by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,163 downloads
Thompson 2009/PMD C75A3 Two-Pack by edsir98873 downloads
MW3 Striker by CORE.MAX20106,105 downloads
MW3 AK47 + Granade Launcher by CORE.MAX20106,346 downloads
M4A1 with grenade launcher by edsir98852 downloads

MW3 ACR by CORE.MAX20104,006 downloads
HK23E, M9 Silenced, UMP by edsir981,339 downloads
Arby26 's FN FAL by coltmaster19112,557 downloads
SMAW Mk153 Mod 0 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade7,803 downloads
MW3 MP5 by CORE.MAX201011,756 downloads
M4 C-Mag+Granade Launcher+Scope Beta by CORE.MAX20102,980 downloads