AA-12 camo by keijo fin1,538 downloads
XM8 for IV by monster8751,380 downloads
ACR for IV by monster8752,547 downloads
Crowbar by MiXA23827 downloads
Pickaxe Weapon V.1 by florian007771,162 downloads
New Desert Eagle by shonenlex6,072 downloads
Grapple Hook IV V1* by onclsam137,585 downloads
M1911A1 Black Edition V.2 by chj_50k_1gio7,846 downloads

Chrome Desert Eagle by TheShaka369638 downloads
Armsel Protecta by PUNK-3982,393 downloads
Toilet Paper Grenade by SZYMEK53241,652 downloads
MP5 by 47(AM-Team)5,462 downloads
AK74u by 47(AM-Team)3,146 downloads
GTA IV Darkiroth Weapons Mod V1.1 by darkiroth1,914 downloads
Sawnoff for GTA IV by Jenny54795 downloads
Grapple v 0.2 for Grapple Hook IV MOD by onclsam134,302 downloads

Dragunov SVD by 47(AM-Team)7,917 downloads
Smashing Shotgun by Jenny54622 downloads
Rifle Intervention by 47(AM-Team)3,865 downloads
M4A1 Tactical by 47(AM-Team)2,543 downloads
2007 A.Rod 500th Home Run Limited Edition bat by Dr.Shock1,696 downloads
Special Made Deagle by Zr0x^841 downloads
AK-47 HQ reskin by Zr0x^1,208 downloads
The Lost cz75 v2 by martronn691 downloads

M4A1 ACOG v2.0 by 476,650 downloads
The Lost cz75 by martronn1,206 downloads
2009 Yankees World Series Bat by Dr.Shock2,680 downloads
(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Punisher Version 2.0 by Dr.Shock5,510 downloads
AK-47 Urban Wood by deltoran877 downloads
Real Glock by Jenny541,124 downloads