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Colt 1911 Custom Pachmayr style grips and compensator v2 by Dr. Toker6,649 downloads
M1014 by coltmaster19111,778 downloads
Kalashnikov 47' [AK-47] HD by DI_Ghostie_ID12,792 downloads
Colt M1911A1 (with marking) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,752 downloads
New Colt 1911 A1 with black, gold & silver texture by coltmaster19111,065 downloads
TLAD Baretta for IV by demq582 downloads
1911 Original WWII V1.0 by Clinton 19111,801 downloads
WWII Panzerschreck (Call of Duty World At War) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade1,387 downloads

M21 Sniper Rifle Vol.2 (Call of Duty 4 Price's sniper rifle) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade656 downloads
GTA SA Weapons Pack by Fikri&m.adjie1,011 downloads
Mini Uzi Grey & Black Texture by coltmaster19111,298 downloads
USP Match from BF2 AIX 2 mod by coltmaster19113,131 downloads
M1887 T2 from BF2 Nuke mod by coltmaster19111,115 downloads
Dragon Knife by Cubexd772 downloads
HD Brooklyn Crusher v2 (No reflection) by Cisconetto2,001 downloads
Luger P08 Original & Silver Version by coltmaster19111,481 downloads

HD Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Baseball Bat by Cisconetto2,682 downloads
Taurus 1911 Duo-Tone Reskin by BernardTheBeast4,820 downloads
Colt 1911 A1 Silver Version by coltmaster1911555 downloads
New Uzi Gold & Silver Versions by coltmaster19111,444 downloads
S&W 500 Revolver with reflection by coltmaster19111,420 downloads
Thompson no stock version by coltmaster1911996 downloads
Machete/Golok by Fikri&m.adjie7,343 downloads
Rokkard Knife by Fikri&m.adjie876 downloads

Modern Weapon (Beta) by Fikri&m.adjie4,891 downloads
TNT Bomb by Fikri&m.adjie1,716 downloads
Custom Weapon Pack Beta 1 by Fikri&m.adjie4,266 downloads
Crossbow by Fikri&m.adjie1,721 downloads
Broad Sword by Fikri&m.adjie2,903 downloads
Zabuza Sword by Fikri&m.adjie4,180 downloads