Added Icon for Coltmaster1911 weapons by KBL2,939 downloads
M14 SOPMOD by butterhole4,268 downloads
Thompson M1928 (Chicago Typewriter) by GTAIV_Dark_Vade4,198 downloads
AN-94 Abakan by butterhole3,191 downloads
Barrett M82A1(Light Fifty) by Gsister2134,869 downloads
FN Five-SeveN by butterhole2,480 downloads
M249 w/ EOTECH and CMAG by butterhole5,460 downloads
Better Icon For Boow's Thompson Gun by iSlim246598 downloads

Wesker Samurai Edge by wapeddell1,745 downloads
A-35 MGL Grenade Launcher by butterhole2,138 downloads
Dead Space 2 Seeker by wapeddell2,331 downloads
.38 Special Snubnose by butterhole1,832 downloads
Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter by wapeddell2,582 downloads
Devil May Cry Lady's Weapon by wapeddell2,322 downloads
Dante's Ivory by wapeddell1,787 downloads
Realistic Weapon Damage (TBoGT) by superjohn8972,974 downloads

Realistic Weapon Damage (GTA IV) by superjohn8973,376 downloads
P226 from BF2 PR by coltmaster19111,303 downloads
Dante Rebellion Sword by wapeddell2,447 downloads
USAS-12 by butterhole3,000 downloads
Magpul Masada by butterhole4,163 downloads
TMP by butterhole5,793 downloads
Kriss Super V SMG by butterhole7,901 downloads
M60 by butterhole4,316 downloads

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 M4A1 Scoped v3 by CORE.MAX2010 and JhoWadr13,664 downloads
AT4 CS HP by SelR4c8,425 downloads
MG42 from BF2 FH2 by coltmaster19112,661 downloads
KingCobra [Commando] CombatKnife by DI_Ghostie_ID6,664 downloads
Crowbar by DrDean3,219 downloads
Benchmade Brand Butterfly Knife + Options by Dr. Toker4,018 downloads