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Crossbow by Fikri&m.adjie1,728 downloads
Broad Sword by Fikri&m.adjie2,914 downloads
Zabuza Sword by Fikri&m.adjie4,194 downloads
GTA 4 Indonesian Flag by snakekoolz556 downloads
Pimm's Molotov by NeonBlunders1,408 downloads
PDR by coltmaster1911769 downloads
SIG 552 by coltmaster19111,371 downloads
Type 88 sniper by coltmaster19111,346 downloads

New Weapons by jorlof646 downloads
Head Crusher Mp5 Desert Camo and nes Skin by Scocci1,615 downloads
Bloody Knife by jorlof513 downloads
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 SCAR H v3 by CORE.MAX20105,126 downloads
MK23 SOCOM with silencer and retexture by coltmaster19117,572 downloads
MK23 SOCOM Beta (No Silencer Version) by coltmaster19115,579 downloads
Dirty M40 by GTAIV_Dark_Vade834 downloads
M21 Sniper Rifle by GTAIV_Dark_Vade2,570 downloads

Edited Weapons Mod by jorlof1,476 downloads
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 SCAR H by CORE.MAX2010, BWARazor and Rolly4,494 downloads
Head Crusher Mp5 by Scocci1,658 downloads
Elpiji Bomb by Vickybrouwer1,716 downloads
Weapons Sound Remake for GTA IV & EFLC by coffecup aka RushyRussian8,820 downloads
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 M4A1 Scoped v2 by CORE.MAX2010, 47 (Am-Team) and Rolly8,206 downloads
KA-BAR (Military Style Knife) by Soap1,870 downloads
TBoGT M249 Airsoft Mod by greenMIKO1,373 downloads

TBoGT Uzi with Gold Clip by ClicheUsername2,701 downloads
AK-47 winter by greenMIKO1,917 downloads
Bom Buku V.2 by Vickybrouwer1,220 downloads
Bom Buku v.1 by Vickybrouwer7,522 downloads
Extreme Weapons Pack by BAYSKO913,738 downloads
Nuke Mod (Beta) by GTAMaster276,620 downloads