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M4 SIRS Sopmod by DeathsDeciple7,816 downloads
Golden RPG by thebest34931 downloads
Gold Baseball Bat by thebest34622 downloads
Gold AK-47 by thebest341,565 downloads
D.Eagle Skull Skin by AGRO191,485 downloads
Golden Beretta by thebest34759 downloads
Realistic Weapon Physics by SPARTAN 06591,462 downloads
GTAIV New knife texture by Garygl37744 downloads

M4A1 Carbine by Spykeeboy3,157 downloads
AK-74 Wood Stock by Spykeeboy4,465 downloads
Glock 18c by DeathsDeciple4,869 downloads
M9 Beretta by DeathsDeciple25,986 downloads
Beer Molotov Pack by VanZarko2,144 downloads
MW2 Desert Eagle by DeathsDeciple9,180 downloads
New [PROPA-GANGSTA] Desert Eagle Skin by Badman959810 downloads
Sniper Rifle Re-skin [EFLC] by Badman959822 downloads

New AK-47 TExtures by Badman9592,445 downloads
Wooden Bat by Killer12280730 downloads
M79 Pistol by JK16171,057 downloads
Wana Drill? Mod V.1 by florian007771,100 downloads
Sledge Hammer V.2 by gerbil211,065 downloads
Sledge Hammer by gerbil21680 downloads
Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher Baseball Bat by Flava0ne1,331 downloads
Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Baseball Bat by Flava0ne912 downloads

Total Carnage GTA IV by gggg964921 downloads
Weapon Pack 1 by jUUSTOHIIRIz8,512 downloads
Camo AA-12 by HellOnWheels1,584 downloads
AI Arctic Warfare Final by Danham4,278 downloads
AMT Hardballer Longslide by Danham3,673 downloads
Beretta M92FS Final by Danham6,814 downloads