Chrome Desert Eagle by TheShaka369678 downloads
Armsel Protecta by PUNK-3982,452 downloads
Toilet Paper Grenade by SZYMEK53241,709 downloads
MP5 by 47(AM-Team)5,535 downloads
AK74u by 47(AM-Team)3,203 downloads
GTA IV Darkiroth Weapons Mod V1.1 by darkiroth1,962 downloads
Sawnoff for GTA IV by Jenny54829 downloads
Grapple v 0.2 for Grapple Hook IV MOD by onclsam134,394 downloads

Dragunov SVD by 47(AM-Team)8,021 downloads
Smashing Shotgun by Jenny54671 downloads
Rifle Intervention by 47(AM-Team)3,925 downloads
M4A1 Tactical by 47(AM-Team)2,597 downloads
2007 A.Rod 500th Home Run Limited Edition bat by Dr.Shock1,772 downloads
Special Made Deagle by Zr0x^874 downloads
AK-47 HQ reskin by Zr0x^1,253 downloads
The Lost cz75 v2 by martronn738 downloads

M4A1 ACOG v2.0 by 476,705 downloads
The Lost cz75 by martronn1,265 downloads
2009 Yankees World Series Bat by Dr.Shock2,756 downloads
(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Punisher Version 2.0 by Dr.Shock5,639 downloads
AK-47 Urban Wood by deltoran906 downloads
Real Glock by Jenny541,159 downloads
Upgraded Rocket by Jenny541,115 downloads
Automatic Deagle by keijo fin960 downloads

Budweiser Molotov by lexluther2091,291 downloads
Total Weapon Sound Replacement for EFLC 2 by janusantsky5,891 downloads
Combat Guitar by reatro11,619 downloads
VSS Vintorez Sniper by Spykeeboy2,422 downloads
Colt M1911 Black Edition by chj_50k_1gio1,986 downloads
GRIM's Weapon Packs in GTA IV by GRIM & R.Schuindt_144,432 downloads