Grenade luncher in Annihilator by Matikupa3211,772 downloads
Škorpion VZ. 61 by Nobeus2,742 downloads
New Special Desert Eagle by martronn6,233 downloads
Gold P90 by SkieraPC926 downloads
[IV+EFLC] Icons Coloured and Textured [RE-UPLOAD] by zerofreeze1,863 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37743 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37525 downloads
SAWNOFF for Ballad of Gay Tony by 13-371,466 downloads

Retextured cz75 for TLAD by Dr.Shock1,564 downloads
TLAD New Pumpshot by martronn5,878 downloads
Panzerfaust 3 by boow11,733 downloads
M79 Grenade Launcher by Nobeus3,815 downloads
BM-16 Sawnoff by Nobeus2,876 downloads
EFLC Powerful Weapons by GTAIVPCVIDS1,730 downloads
M61 Grenade by Nobeus7,442 downloads
Navy MP5 by Nobeus11,040 downloads

Glock 18C by Nobeus7,461 downloads
Golden Saw OFF by SkieraPC414 downloads
Gold MP5 by SkieraPC735 downloads
New GOLD sawoff by martronn2,794 downloads
Remington Pumpgun by boow3,310 downloads
TBoGT Weapons modding by SoAmazing2,407 downloads
Semi Automatic Pistol by KyuubiNaRuto853 downloads
New Sawoff by martronn1,745 downloads

EFLC Weapon Pack by 13-375,529 downloads
Sawed-Off Shotgun by stan182,585 downloads
AK-47 Texture Pack by Damon02833 downloads
Hi rs Desert Eagle two tone by martronn2,104 downloads
m16a4 v2 by done and owned 22,555 downloads
m16a4 for gta 4 by owned 2 and done2,561 downloads