XM8 Assault Rifle by Spykeeboy6,905 downloads
MG3 (new animation) by boow8,657 downloads
[FPSB] H&K USP Chrome (& Black) by Danham6,665 downloads
Camo M249 by tony55122,101 downloads
Maximum Weapons Mod (55 ingame) by janusantsky26,193 downloads
TBoGT Grenade Launcher for GTA IV by done2,571 downloads
[FPSB] IMI Desert Eagle Chrome by Danham14,553 downloads
Scoped M4 shotgun (with extra shells!) by Spykeeboy2,658 downloads

M82 Barrett by Spykeeboy3,921 downloads
FN2000 assault rifle (with scope!) by Spykeeboy2,926 downloads
Silver uzi for TBOGT by MrLaax681 downloads
Cool Weapons Sounds by janusantsky3,175 downloads
[FPSB] Intratec TEC-9 by Danham5,595 downloads
Punisher eagle by Janusantsky/Millenia1,912 downloads
Enhanced Weapons by XxXMaTtXxX1,098 downloads
TLaD Weapons Modding by juustohiiri1,165 downloads

Cool Uzi Skin by Janusantsky4,226 downloads
[FPSB] S&W M29 44Magnum by Danham14,481 downloads
(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Custom Punisher Version by Dr.Shock2,538 downloads
M1897 Trenchgun by boow5,844 downloads
Camo M4 and grenade by kevinogtaiv645 downloads
[FPSB] AI Arctic Warfare Police (AWP) by Danham18,055 downloads
New cz75 by martronn1,482 downloads
Grenade luncher in Annihilator by Matikupa3211,782 downloads

Škorpion VZ. 61 by Nobeus2,760 downloads
New Special Desert Eagle by martronn6,258 downloads
Gold P90 by SkieraPC931 downloads
[IV+EFLC] Icons Coloured and Textured [RE-UPLOAD] by zerofreeze1,873 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37754 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37535 downloads