Colt Delta Elite by Danham1,771 downloads
Colt Python Final by Danham13,285 downloads
Golden Bat by Danham1,446 downloads
Destruction Entertainment Explosion mod by Stitch23333,023 downloads
Silenced Weapons (Mini-Pack) by juustohiiri3,695 downloads
Rake by JK1617698 downloads
The New AA-12 [FIX] by TONY55121,878 downloads
The P90 Without Silencer by jUUSTOHIIRI1,902 downloads

Desert M4A1 by keijo fin1,737 downloads
Arctic camo P-90 by keijo fin3,997 downloads
AA-12 camo by keijo fin1,726 downloads
XM8 for IV by monster8751,588 downloads
ACR for IV by monster8752,777 downloads
Crowbar by MiXA23947 downloads
Pickaxe Weapon V.1 by florian007771,282 downloads
New Desert Eagle by shonenlex6,511 downloads

Grapple Hook IV V1* by onclsam138,072 downloads
M1911A1 Black Edition V.2 by chj_50k_1gio8,540 downloads
Chrome Desert Eagle by TheShaka369777 downloads
Armsel Protecta by PUNK-3982,584 downloads
Toilet Paper Grenade by SZYMEK53241,779 downloads
MP5 by 47(AM-Team)5,657 downloads
AK74u by 47(AM-Team)3,335 downloads
GTA IV Darkiroth Weapons Mod V1.1 by darkiroth2,064 downloads

Sawnoff for GTA IV by Jenny54919 downloads
Grapple v 0.2 for Grapple Hook IV MOD by onclsam134,700 downloads
Dragunov SVD by 47(AM-Team)8,172 downloads
Smashing Shotgun by Jenny54769 downloads
Rifle Intervention by 47(AM-Team)4,009 downloads
M4A1 Tactical by 47(AM-Team)2,707 downloads