Sword of the Halflings the Tamrid Tamrim by Switch Designs2,739 downloads
Heavy Gun /Melee by lucas961,813 downloads
Fire Axe by Switch Designs7,618 downloads
Katana by Switch Designs5,000 downloads
Grapple Gun and Pressure Gun by milo342,195 downloads
Advanced Weapons Pack V1 by killer24612,339 downloads
OD Frame Two-Tone Glock by Hotwire1,647 downloads
Better-Looking AK-47 by FIS1,726 downloads

Taser Mod by lilmcnessy5,712 downloads
Silenced Pistol Mod Beta v1.2 by AltF4Destroy, Quechus9, and RedLightning6,611 downloads
RPG Slide Reduction by lilmcnessy865 downloads
GTA IV Minigun Mod 1.0 by mahmutil19,972 downloads
AK-47 Retextured by SALAVEY5,750 downloads
Star Wars Lightsaber by Switch Designs9,551 downloads
No Weapon Damage by Gottn1,524 downloads
Realistic Weapon Mod V2 by BlackCookie4,918 downloads

Realistic Weapon Mod by BlackCookie20,515 downloads
Wooden Pumpshot by BlackCookie2,909 downloads
Black M40 Sniper by BlackCookie4,768 downloads
Striped Baseball Bat by havark1,220 downloads
Golden Pump Shotgun by TheHandsy1,989 downloads
Golden RPG-7 by TheHandsy2,352 downloads
Mega Weapons Mod by XaiiChan5,142 downloads
Weapon Realism Mod by MattyDienhoff42,550 downloads

Bloody Weapons by buitenwet11,218 downloads
Four Rocket-Shooting Guns by IAintHackin4,623 downloads
Bloody Knife by DrDean1,228 downloads
Black Dragon Deagle by DrDean2,791 downloads
RPG Glock by bbbpig1,905 downloads
Desert Eagle Retex by (TTK)RickJames8,922 downloads