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Silver uzi for TBOGT by MrLaax703 downloads
Cool Weapons Sounds by janusantsky3,199 downloads
[FPSB] Intratec TEC-9 by Danham5,656 downloads
Punisher eagle by Janusantsky/Millenia1,935 downloads
Enhanced Weapons by XxXMaTtXxX1,116 downloads
TLaD Weapons Modding by juustohiiri1,193 downloads
Cool Uzi Skin by Janusantsky4,252 downloads
[FPSB] S&W M29 44Magnum by Danham14,609 downloads

(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Custom Punisher Version by Dr.Shock2,569 downloads
M1897 Trenchgun by boow5,890 downloads
Camo M4 and grenade by kevinogtaiv659 downloads
[FPSB] AI Arctic Warfare Police (AWP) by Danham18,238 downloads
New cz75 by martronn1,509 downloads
Grenade luncher in Annihilator by Matikupa3211,800 downloads
Škorpion VZ. 61 by Nobeus2,789 downloads
New Special Desert Eagle by martronn6,298 downloads

Gold P90 by SkieraPC947 downloads
[IV+EFLC] Icons Coloured and Textured [RE-UPLOAD] by zerofreeze1,895 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37766 downloads
SWEEPER for BALLAD OF GAY TONY by 13-37551 downloads
SAWNOFF for Ballad of Gay Tony by 13-371,494 downloads
Retextured cz75 for TLAD by Dr.Shock1,598 downloads
TLAD New Pumpshot by martronn5,948 downloads
Panzerfaust 3 by boow11,892 downloads

M79 Grenade Launcher by Nobeus3,885 downloads
BM-16 Sawnoff by Nobeus2,947 downloads
EFLC Powerful Weapons by GTAIVPCVIDS1,768 downloads
M61 Grenade by Nobeus7,516 downloads
Navy MP5 by Nobeus11,153 downloads
Glock 18C by Nobeus7,544 downloads