Rifle Intervention by 47(AM-Team)4,021 downloads
M4A1 Tactical by 47(AM-Team)2,721 downloads
2007 A.Rod 500th Home Run Limited Edition bat by Dr.Shock1,917 downloads
Special Made Deagle by Zr0x^968 downloads
AK-47 HQ reskin by Zr0x^1,354 downloads
The Lost cz75 v2 by martronn847 downloads
M4A1 ACOG v2.0 by 476,852 downloads
The Lost cz75 by martronn1,395 downloads

2009 Yankees World Series Bat by Dr.Shock2,901 downloads
(FPSBANANA) M1911 Kimber Punisher Version 2.0 by Dr.Shock5,888 downloads
AK-47 Urban Wood by deltoran986 downloads
Real Glock by Jenny541,272 downloads
Upgraded Rocket by Jenny541,245 downloads
Automatic Deagle by keijo fin1,048 downloads
Budweiser Molotov by lexluther2091,412 downloads
Total Weapon Sound Replacement for EFLC 2 by janusantsky6,191 downloads

Combat Guitar by reatro11,759 downloads
VSS Vintorez Sniper by Spykeeboy2,595 downloads
Colt M1911 Black Edition by chj_50k_1gio2,087 downloads
GRIM's Weapon Packs in GTA IV by GRIM & R.Schuindt_158,191 downloads
SPAS-12 Armageddon (w/ New 12 Gauge Shell Belt) by Spykeeboy6,677 downloads
XM8 Assault Rifle by Spykeeboy7,111 downloads
MG3 (new animation) by boow8,977 downloads
[FPSB] H&K USP Chrome (& Black) by Danham6,901 downloads

Camo M249 by tony55122,209 downloads
Maximum Weapons Mod (55 ingame) by janusantsky27,971 downloads
TBoGT Grenade Launcher for GTA IV by done2,747 downloads
[FPSB] IMI Desert Eagle Chrome by Danham15,321 downloads
Scoped M4 shotgun (with extra shells!) by Spykeeboy2,770 downloads
M82 Barrett by Spykeeboy4,034 downloads