Combine Stun Baton by JuanLi2,133 downloads
Knight's Armament Company PDW by JuanLi2,835 downloads
V Style GTA 5 PS4 Weapon Icons for GTA 4 by SpicyChanpon6,737 downloads
Sniper Rifle for Yoko Ritona from Gurren Lagann by zSydor (Ryuuji-Takasu-)1,079 downloads
AP Pistol by NikoBellicFTW1,105 downloads
GTA V MG by NikoBellicFTW1,895 downloads
Beretta Auto9 by SooSiaal4,308 downloads
M4 Hi-Power by Algonquin Hood2,261 downloads

SVD Dragunov by alpha00981,635 downloads
HK USP Compact (100% Authentic) by maukro_19902,942 downloads
Glock with extended magazine and flashlight by Algonquin Hood1,774 downloads
Funny Explosion Sound by vJoeSwanson609 downloads
Some OP Guns by Mr.geoGZ1,274 downloads
MP5 with handle and flashlight by Algonquin Hood2,828 downloads
Sledgehammer by niko98fin3,239 downloads
Sound for Flintlock Pistol by matty1505590 downloads

Ultimate Weapon Sounds v3 by GTACr4zy7,751 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X updated by Naruto 6071,443 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4.1 by Naruto 6071,120 downloads
CS:GO Case Hardened Skin Pack by OfficerGuardian2,065 downloads
CounterStrike Weapon Sounds by GTACr4zy891 downloads
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Brazilian Weapons by Kadu4,970 downloads
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Pistol Warfare by GTACr4zy and hl2poo721 downloads