Real Grenade Launcher by GTACr4zy and hl2poo2,721 downloads
All Weapons from EFLC to GTA IV by Aditya_Fauzi2,258 downloads
Buddha Wiser's Alternative Arsenal by Buddha Wiser1,487 downloads
TLAD Sawn-off Shotgun Sounds by Mr.geoGZ1,368 downloads
Blue Light For Molotov Explosion by Mr.geoGZ930 downloads
Default pistol iron sight fix by grasscid1,663 downloads
Tactical Machine Pistol by NikoBellicFTW865 downloads
Dart Crossbow (w/ Custom Ammo) by Buddha Wiser2,164 downloads

Bomb Bag (High-exp timed-bomb dispenser) by Buddha Wiser1,090 downloads
Realistic and High Quality Weapon Sound by kimson184,597 downloads
GuardianMeshBlaster + Extra Skin (Update) by IxCr4nkV21,005 downloads
TP Cannon (Grenade launcher) by Buddha Wiser873 downloads
Rocket Launcher Crossbow by Buddha Wiser1,671 downloads
Sawed Off Shotgun (w/ slug rounds) by Buddha Wiser831 downloads
Flare Gun by Buddha Wiser1,046 downloads
Desert Pigeon (Grenade launcher pistol) by Buddha Wiser731 downloads

P90 with Shooting/Reloading Animations by Fawazy5001,601 downloads
Brick Launcher Crossbow by Buddha Wiser933 downloads
Flaming Head Bomb by Buddha Wiser642 downloads
CS:GO Weapon Sounds by NicoandLuis1,459 downloads
Flamethrower (w/ real flame FX) by Buddha Wiser941 downloads
Custom Desert Eagle by Fawazy5001,611 downloads
Gold Desert Eagle by Fawazy5005,210 downloads
Realistic Sound Mod V3 by Marksman8021,608 downloads

One Hit Kill Pistol by Trademarc parv1,711 downloads
Winchester M1912 by Victim_Crasher3,450 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X by Naruto 6071,492 downloads
My Realistic Weapon Mod v4 by Naruto 6072,132 downloads
No scope on Sniper Rifle by RageQuit5761,449 downloads
TLaD Combat Shotgun by someguyfromlc1,385 downloads