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COD4 M4A1 Silenced remade by chinweiren2137,775 downloads
COD4 M4A1 remade by chinweiren2135,868 downloads
G36 by chinweiren2132,479 downloads
HK416 CQB Silenced by chinweiren2136,119 downloads
HK-416 PDW Hybrid Sight Silenced by chinweiren2134,933 downloads
HK-416 PDW Hybrid Sight by chinweiren2132,829 downloads
HK-416 PDW Silenced by chinweiren2132,129 downloads
HK-416 PDW by chinweiren2132,654 downloads

M4 Sopmod V3 by chinweiren2133,278 downloads
MOH Tier 1 M4SD by chinweiren2131,131 downloads
MOH Tier 1 M4 by chinweiren213 & edsir981,080 downloads
AK-74 (updated) by Raven9713,545 downloads
Colt M4A1 (+Silencer Version) by Victim_Crasher3,334 downloads
GTA TLAD Mods pistol for GTA IV by kris93220 and le maitre du 93416 downloads
Gun from Advent Rising by x-power2,879 downloads
Smith & Wesson 29 [V2] by Victim_Crasher2,393 downloads

Battlefield 4 MK11 by GUNSHAKE161,016 downloads
GTA V weapon icons for V Style v3 by RisingFire Star3,279 downloads
Battlefield AEK-971 by Raven9711,316 downloads
GTA V weapon icons for Vstyle 1.4.2 by thehurtmaster3,536 downloads
GTA V AK-47 by Victim_Crasher3,055 downloads
GTA V SMG Pack by Victim_Crasher4,034 downloads
RPG-7 Retextured by Cisconetto1,125 downloads
Fireball by poepsnol382,366 downloads

Battlefield 4 Weapon Sounds Mod by Clawsie1457,632 downloads
TOPS Steel Eagle (BF4 Survival Knife) + Extra Skins by Pro Racer2,770 downloads
Flecktarn Camouflage Pack by OfficerGuardian496 downloads
CADPAT Camouflage Pack by OfficerGuardian1,233 downloads
GTA: Vice City Stories Weapon Sounds by grandT258 downloads
Autumn Camouflage Pack by OfficerGuardian1,657 downloads