M60 with ACOG remake by cjisntgay3,838 downloads
M60 with ACOG by cjisntgay3,153 downloads
M110 SASS by cjisntgay6,522 downloads
Spiked Bat by bullet-zone2,508 downloads
MP5 PaintJob by TürkMod2,944 downloads
AAC Honey Badger by Bullet-Zone1,121 downloads
Tactical HK417 by cjisntgay6,258 downloads
Flintlock Pistol: 1-shot, no mag (Weaponinfo mod) by noentiendero1,116 downloads

GTA V-Style Grenade textures by ModderIV1,923 downloads
EFLC Weapons on GTA IV by Lorenzo30245,710 downloads
CS:GO Weapon Stats updated v1.2 by JayBlaze736 downloads
Jerry Can HD Textures by ModderIV3,023 downloads
Glock 19 by Victim_Crasher4,815 downloads
Atomic Bullet Mod by NeonGaming4,756 downloads
MG4 by cjisntgay3,884 downloads
The Punisher Bat by bluebfaith1,061 downloads

Powerful Deagle mod V1 by gamehalo696 downloads
M-45 MEUSOC by cjisntgay3,502 downloads
Mk48 Mod 0 by cjisntgay3,617 downloads
Glock-18 From CS:GO by MishKa Volkav),FrostByte,Valve3,044 downloads
Magnum 44 by alpha00985,604 downloads
M4A1 for marksmen by cjisntgay5,597 downloads
Barrett M107 by cjisntgay4,868 downloads
M4 Carbine Sticker Bomb Skin by illxst1,709 downloads

Desert Eagle From CS:GO by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte, Valve1,350 downloads
CS:GO AWP sound mod by CptYeahToast1,049 downloads
AWP from CS:GO by MishKa Volkav), FrostByte,Valve2,806 downloads
Berreta M9 v2 by alpha00984,676 downloads
Heineken Bat by BOSS 0071,144 downloads
Budweiser Bat by BOSS 007914 downloads