New Pepsi Bat by BOSS 0071,111 downloads
Coca Cola Special Edition Bat by BOSS 007410 downloads
Barrett M107CQ by cjisntgay3,408 downloads
Camo mix by Migoscus1,119 downloads
FPSRussia - Minigun sound mod by CAXTILTECA6,689 downloads
6-shot Grenade Launcher (full auto) by noentiendero4,256 downloads
Battlefield 3/4 HK417 V2 by hl2poo4,297 downloads
Battlefield 4 Custom Tactical 870 (Updated 10/29/13) by hl2poo8,876 downloads

Battlefield 4 MGL (For TBoGT) by hl2poo7,415 downloads
Battlefield 4 USAS 12 (For TBoGT) by hl2poo2,064 downloads
Battlefield 4 XM25 (For TBoGT) by hl2poo2,423 downloads
Mosin-Nagant by Victim_Crasher2,131 downloads
NDM-86 by cjisntgay2,339 downloads
Twinkie Masta XM1014 Redux by Victim_Crasher2,738 downloads
AK 74 by kirizawa842 downloads
SPAS-12 by Victim_Crasher3,773 downloads

Call of Duty Ghosts FP6 Shotgun for GTA IV/EFLC by Sayak96709 downloads
Private custom weapons package Redux by wolaiwwgta666859 downloads
Call of Duty Ghosts MTAR-X Submachine Gun for GTA IV/EFLC by Sayak961,157 downloads
Battlefield AEK-971 V2 by Raven9712,348 downloads
New Bat For IV by Le Maitre Du 93517 downloads
Kirito's Sword by Jhunard1224,277 downloads
New Bat for IV by Victim_Crasher843 downloads
SGW DSR-1 by Rangky Handy6,357 downloads

Dishonored Corvo Attano Sword (Version 2) by Rangky Handy2,902 downloads
Dishonored Corvo Attano Sword (Version 1) by Rangky Handy1,728 downloads
AK-47 From Metro2033 by Rangky Handy2,686 downloads
TBoGT Weapons V1 by niko_philip813 downloads
WeaponInfo.xml BUG repair by wolaiwwgta666485 downloads
Private custom weapons sound by wolaiwwgta666726 downloads