AR-15 CQB Mod Pack by Reza mctavish2,363 downloads
MP5K (Support dual weapon script) by Krlos_Rokr732 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX V3 by skelldoom872,256 downloads
MP7 Sopmod by chinweiren2135,882 downloads
Sig Sauer P226 by HyperZ8,559 downloads
BF 4 AK5C by Victim_Crasher1,182 downloads
Oldschool Weapons Sounds V1 by KnockFoX1,070 downloads
M4 Sirs Tactical by chinweiren2136,401 downloads

Digiegg of brave Heart Grenade by Krlos_Rokr220 downloads
Black WarGreymon Claw (just one) by Krlos_Rokr375 downloads
Black Knight Sword by Krlos_Rokr1,190 downloads
HD Weapons Pack by Salgier3,305 downloads
Artillery Luger by Iwan_Troides1,744 downloads
Hk416 Tactical by chinweiren2138,165 downloads
HK416 CQB by chinweiren2134,584 downloads
HandCannon from RE4 by VinylScratch1,984 downloads

Light Machine Gun Magazine Size For AK + M4 by C4pp3d226 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX V2 by skelldoom871,439 downloads
Taurus Weapons Pack [REALESED] by Kadu801 downloads
New HD Icons For new hud GTA 5 style for gta 4 by bobops22,641 downloads
M9A1 Bazooka by Iwan_Troides2,738 downloads
M4 Tactical Black Edition by Ariel2542,334 downloads
Elpiji 3 Kg by Iwan_Troides515 downloads
REORC Rocket Launcher by Iwan_Troides4,075 downloads

M4 Tactical by Ariel254667 downloads
Realistic Weapon SFX by skelldoom872,367 downloads
Have Some Fun Tonight M16 From Predator Sound Mod by bigretard3,011 downloads
M16A2 M203 [Variations] by BLAD31013,418 downloads
Extended Mags For All Guns by C4pp3d1,854 downloads
Mark V briefcase 1.1 by Krlos_Rokr624 downloads