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Kriss Vector + 3 Options by Krlos_Rokr5,000 downloads
Battlefield 4 SR2 by hl2poo1,297 downloads
Mac Millan Tac50 by GUNSHAKE162,607 downloads
Forlan Gun by Rangky Handy1,309 downloads
Left 4 Dead Molotov by Rangky Handy793 downloads
Dragunov SVD Silver by GUNSHAKE161,375 downloads
GTA V Style RPG by GAMIR_GTA1,299 downloads
GTA V Rocket Launcher (RPG) For GTA IV & EFLC by II macc II1,561 downloads

Battlefield 4 Grenade Pack by GUNSHAKE161,764 downloads
Battlefield 4 AKS-74u by hl2poo2,609 downloads
KEL-TEC KSG Shotgun by Rangky Handy3,895 downloads
MP5 With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU2,674 downloads
Battlefield 4 G36C by hl2poo9,604 downloads
Battlefield 4 ACRW by hl2poo3,746 downloads
Azrael Knife by GUNSHAKE161,336 downloads
Hk416 With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU4,388 downloads

M9 Beretta With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU2,952 downloads
Original Shotgun With Working Flashlight by BlazeGamingAU1,116 downloads
Blackshot MSR by GUNSHAKE163,226 downloads
Beretta Garena Frost by GUNSHAKE161,544 downloads
NZ1 Knife by GUNSHAKE162,377 downloads
Holy Rifle by GUNSHAKE161,445 downloads
Explode Pistol by PulloHeikkiProx522 downloads
Gta V StickyBomb For TboGt (Beta) by II macc II1,519 downloads

HK416 Custom by GUNSHAKE162,900 downloads
As-Val by Rangky Handy1,222 downloads
GTA V Micro Uzi Icon For GTA IV by Loay209220 downloads
GTA IV icons in GTA V style by NEpE4En1,110 downloads
MC Millan Unicorn by GUNSHAKE162,215 downloads
Colt M1911 "Heartbreaker" by OtakuDelta1411,998 downloads