[PUSH] Silver Colt 1911 Suppressed

by Push
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GTA 4 Weapon Mod: Silver Colt 1911 Silenced

Real Weapon Background and Info:

Immersive Firing Sound Effect
Colored Weapon Icon
Quality Model and Textures

Original authors of the model used:
Model & UVs - Schmung
Textures - Millenia

Converted, edited, and compiled to GTA IV by Push

My Youtube Channel:
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9.24/10 - 113 votes
Downloads: 34,449
Added: June 21, 2012 9:09PM
Last Downloaded: May 24, 2017 7:53PM
File Size: 1.16 MB
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That's so cool! Great job there!
Posted on June 22, 2012 12:29AM by Cmoney

Posted on June 22, 2012 12:50AM by Push
please without silencer
Posted on June 22, 2012 1:29AM by ORMAZD89
For some reason I cant get this to install. It saves properly in spark, and when I go to check the textures it looks like the colt. However when I go into game, its just the regular gun. Would the fact im using this with EFLC matter?
Posted on June 22, 2012 1:52AM by witchcult
Truly one of the better 1911 models out there. It's a shame the game doesn't recognise suppressed weapons, or else I'd use it myself.

An unsuppressed version would be great.
Posted on June 22, 2012 1:55AM by Coflash
@ORMAZD89, there are already a lot of colts on this site that doesn't have silencers.

@witchcult, Yeah, this mod might not be working with EFLC. Might be caused by other things, I am not really sure. You might wanna ask someone who has EFLC and test it if it works for him. Nobody posted yet they are having the same problem on just GTA IV so the problem might not be with the weapon. You can also try using OpenIV and see if it works.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:01AM by Push
Its not the Colt, sorry for the confusion. Just tried a different model and that one didn't work either. Going to have to look into why one particular weapon wont change now, lol.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:06AM by witchcult
Push this is absolutely amazing. thank you very very much for making the requested silver 1911. but please make a non-Suppressed version. 10/10 and thank you.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:06AM by ordinaryfello
@Colflash, well in reality suppressors only reduce the loudness of a gun to just about 10-20% so people will still hear the gunshot even with a suppressor. The silencing effect you see on movies and games where the gunshot if complete silenced is just a myth. So using " "silencers" in this game is still within the bounds of realism even if peds run after hearing the shot of a silenced weapon.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:06AM by Push
@witchcult, try using a back up weapon.img file w/o any installed mods and try using that to install this weapon and see if it works.

@ordinaryfello, there are a lot of silver 1911s in this site that doesn't have silencers but I'll still think about it.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:15AM by Push
Just tried that. I replaced an M4 and the Eagle. Only the M4 changed. The Eagle still looks stock. I really have no idea whats going on. Pretty annoying because I was waiting for this mod to be approved to download it.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:31AM by witchcult
Great work to make it work on eflc go to your eflc directory and go to tbogt/pc/models/cdimages/weapons_e2.img or something like that and there is another eagle there replace this with that.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:34AM by Homyans
Oh my god there's another eagle there and now I feel really damned stupid. Thanks for the help Homyans.
Posted on June 22, 2012 2:41AM by witchcult
Posted on June 22, 2012 3:14AM by t6ekiller
10/10 but can you make without silencer ?
Posted on June 22, 2012 3:46AM by shams722
10/10 as usual Push, I agree a non-silenced version would be sick.

Posted on June 22, 2012 5:22AM by 9SYcH0
@witchcult Did you press 'Save' after importing? If so, try using openIV and see if that does work. Weapons that work for Gta IV will always also work for EFLC. Just use the main image to replace weapons for both games, and use the ones in for example tbogt to replace new tbogt weapons. Replacing the eagle in the main image should still work.

Nice gun push, you're better of making a non-silenced and silenced version every time because when you make either people will always ask for the other haha ;) 10/10
Posted on June 22, 2012 5:31AM by Killerfist666
Good job, another great model from yourself. If I send you an old model from San Andreas can you sort the textures?
Posted on June 22, 2012 5:40AM by SamuraiDrgnFst
Well I decided not to do an unsilenced version of this particular gun. No worries though because this will not be the last colt I will convert. I still have plans on doing more colts with different models together with its other relatives like an SVI Infinity, Kimber, and so on.

Posted on June 22, 2012 6:21AM by Push
@Push Thanks
Posted on June 22, 2012 6:46AM by shams722
@Push Cool, that Kimber is definitely a nice colt. I'm also releasing one in a pack I'm currently making.
Posted on June 22, 2012 7:52AM by Killerfist666
@witchcult it does work on eflc u have to rename the eagle to w_e2_eagle because Ballad of Gay tony has its own new model ffor the deagle.

hope it helps

@push this is a nice gun thanks ur guns are like the best!!!!

Keep it upu

Posted on June 22, 2012 8:37AM by DeanWEi@GTA
Blarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Puking rainbows. 10/10 mate, best supressed Colt here. Where do you get such HQ models =O? Gamebanana (CSS)?
Posted on June 22, 2012 11:38AM by Pedrofire21
Reminds me of Hitman.

Oh well,he had a couple suppressed SilverBallers.
Posted on June 22, 2012 1:06PM by Fulcrum
Hey Push i love your weapon mods and this, too. but he gun sound is *. it don't sound like a silenced eagle.

sry 6/10
Posted on June 22, 2012 4:40PM by Ghettofrosch1
@Pedrofire21, I get them from different sources like facepunch,gamebanana,fallout nexus.

@Fulcrum, That was my inspiration actually. I wanted to do a gun that has a cold blooded assassin feel into it.

@Ghettofrosch1, I understand. I know I can't please everyone. About the sound I only tried to copy the silenced pistol sound from Splinter Cell Blacklist. Look at the trailer listen to the pistol sound, you can only hear the mechanical parts of the gun w/c is what I was going for. I personally don't like the "pteeww' sound of silenced weapons like in the movies. But I still respect your opinion.

BTW Thanks to everyone for the support. Nice to see this one got featured.
Posted on June 22, 2012 7:45PM by Push
@Push It looks cool.I won't download it because GTA:IV doesn't really support the idea of suppressors as peds will run away no matter how stealthly you kill a person.Nice effort,nonetheless.
Posted on June 23, 2012 12:27AM by Fulcrum
Push can you make a dual pistol mod
Posted on June 23, 2012 12:49AM by nErO_25
@Fulcrum, read this:


So basically it means that you can still get your eardrums blown off on a suppressed gunshot so it is still very realistic for peds to run off after hearing the sound of a suppressed gun. The things about suppressors you see on movies and games where nobody seems to hear a "silenced" weapon is just a myth. Read the article above and you will learn a lot about suppressors.

@nEro_25, not possible yet on GTA IV.
Posted on June 23, 2012 1:17AM by Push

pls can you make the M32 Grenade Launcher??:


or this m416CQB??:


if you know the game Combat arms, you know this weapons, too.
Posted on June 23, 2012 5:17AM by Ghettofrosch1
@Push congrats on being featured ;)

Btw, did you get your Glock 20 from new vegas nexus? I've just released some weapons and just now noticed how much it looks like yours (the only difference is the LAM underneath it)
Posted on June 23, 2012 7:29AM by Killerfist666
10/10 just because i like hitman,and with model of ac amir this gun looks fu#king awesome 10/10
Posted on June 23, 2012 8:26AM by =MK458/=
@Push Thanks for the link.It was very informative.

>"Suppressors change the perceived sound of a gunshot enough that most people wouldn’t recognize it as such, particularly in a city environment where there are numerous ambient noises"

GTA:IV still doesn't compliment this fact.
Posted on June 23, 2012 12:27PM by Fulcrum
@Ghettofrosch1, I can't do a grenade launcher since GTA IV doesn't have on w/c I can replace on the game.

@Killerfist, I got my Glock 20 model from CSS.

@=MK458/=, this is not a model made by ac amir.

Posted on June 23, 2012 7:23PM by Push
Hey push great work again but I want this un-silenced. I like you're models the best
Posted on June 23, 2012 11:38PM by A7X 4 life
@Push you can make the frenade launcher for GTA EFLC..

pls i need this * awsome grenade launhcer!!!

pls make it^^!!!
Posted on June 24, 2012 1:51PM by Ghettofrosch1
* yeah, nicework as always Push!
Posted on June 24, 2012 2:22PM by ory1124
@Ghettofrosch1, I don't have EFLC so I can't make it.
Posted on June 24, 2012 6:30PM by Push
oh damend i like to have this M32^^?!?

PLS make it just for me just give me the weapon model..?


i have mmade a weaponinfo.xml by my self but pls make the M32 model^^
Posted on June 25, 2012 10:47AM by Ghettofrosch1
MUST... HAVE... NON-SILENCED.... VERSION! OMG this weapon is beautiful. Plz make an unsilenced version.
Posted on June 29, 2012 2:03AM by Reaper004
Thanks for raping my textures without credits or permission, *.

Posted on July 5, 2012 1:19PM by Millenia
it for assassination?

Posted on July 5, 2012 3:30PM by Speedoo
@Millenia, well when I got it I wasn't sure who the original authors were so I just put "credits to the original authors" instead of naming the wrong person for credits. I also did not ask permission since that is a bit difficult. If everyone here ask permission first from the original author, no one will be able to do anything.
Posted on July 5, 2012 10:49PM by Push
That's how it should be done. If somebody spends tens of hours making something you should take ten minutes of your life to ask for bloody permission.
Posted on July 13, 2012 1:11AM by Millenia
@Millenia, I apologize if I was not able to put your name in the credits. The only reason I don't put names in the credits is because when I first downloaded some of the weapon mods I convert from fallout nexus, they don't have the right credits or the same credits with the ones from gamebanana so instead of putting the wrong credits I just put "credits to the original authors". But after spending some time on gamebanana and stumbling the site cgd.net I realized that the credits given on gamebanana are actually the original authors that is why I recently been giving the names of the authors. I never intended to mislead anyone that I personally made any of the mods that I converted. And about the asking of permission, yes I can always ask for permission but my problem is waiting for the replies of the authors to give me permission. I won't be able to convert mods as fast as I can if I wait for permissions to be given. I hope you kindly understand. I am only doing this for the users and fellow fans of the game.
Posted on July 13, 2012 6:35PM by Push
dios mio aqui estan todos los modders dioses de las armas del gta!!!! soy fan de ustedes!! fulcrum, push, millenia y killerfist666 un saludo para todos, push sera mucho pedir que hagas mejores orificios de cañones para las armas¿¿ tu USPmatch es lo maximo pero le falta eso amigazo un saludo y gracias por esta genial arma!!
Posted on July 27, 2012 12:58AM by veranios

Here's the WeaponInfo line for this gun. Should be worked for IV and EFLC.

<weapon type="PISTOL">

<data slot="HANDGUN" firetype="INSTANT_HIT" damagetype="BULLET" group="PISTOL_SMALL" targetrange="50.0" weaponrange="450.0" clipsize="7" ammomax="9999" timebetweenshots="333">

<damage base="46" networkplayermod="3.0" networkpedmod="1.0"/>

<physics force="45.6"/>

<reload time="2000" fasttime="2000" crouchtime="2000"/>

<aiming accuracy="0.75">

<offset x="0.15" y="1.0" z="0.55"/>

<crouchedoffset x="0.2" y="1.0" z="0.05"/>

<reticule standing="0.65" ducked="0.55" scale="0.3"/>


<pickup regentime="240000" ammoonstreet="45"/>


<rumble duration="150" intensity="0.1"/>











<assets model="w_glock">

<anim group="gun@handgun" meleegroup1="firearm_core">

<rates firerate="1.05" blindfirerate="1.05"/>



<muzzle fx="muz_pistol_small"/>

<shell fx="weap_ejected_pistol"/>




I'll let someone test this weapon line out. This is a great gun and used before I was here. 10 stars.
Posted on October 6, 2012 8:31AM by Naruto 607
Posted on December 19, 2012 4:35PM by jclan85
I hope i'm allowed to do this :D

I edited the sound a little but so it is not this mono sound.

Download: http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/14045096/file.html
Posted on May 22, 2013 1:47PM by GaMiNgHaNsWuRsT
where can i find a gta ivaud for patch for the gun sound install
Posted on May 26, 2013 11:41AM by Tony Soprano
where can i download the silenced sound mod?
Posted on June 26, 2013 1:04PM by Tony Soprano
what do i replace this sound file with
Posted on July 30, 2013 11:35AM by Solemn Narwhal
All the other colt's are crappy but this one is awesome, can you make another version without silencer?
Posted on August 22, 2013 1:36AM by Leonardo781
Great mod, ty :)
Posted on December 11, 2013 5:59AM by geoalmighty
pretty awesome
Posted on February 6, 2014 5:15PM by Black Jesus
Awesome mod as always from PUSH

Posted on April 19, 2014 8:51PM by Almercenary

Rated: 10/10
Posted on March 31, 2015 4:53AM by bbad220
Love that supressor 11/10 :D
Posted on November 21, 2015 11:59PM by Zachryan Y
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