rpg weapons mod

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rocket uzi, rocket mp5, rocket helicopter,rocket sniper,rocket m4,rocket pistol,rocket desert eagle works online enjoy :D
4.10/10 - 30 votes
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Added: February 5, 2010 12:44PM
Last Downloaded: April 14, 2017 5:01AM
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1 star because i hate rocket weapons cheaters online!!!!
Posted on February 6, 2010 3:27AM by madeZ44
Nice one now people have rockets in ranked.

Thanks, I have allways had this but never released it.

This should be deleted rockstar only allow freemode mods.
Posted on February 7, 2010 10:10AM by iGAMiNGi
if your on here to rate * than why in * are you looking up mods * dumbasses
Posted on February 14, 2010 11:43AM by XDong Of LightX
what dong said
Posted on January 11, 2011 12:55PM by oatmealman
Thank you, also when you put the backups, but I do not need sniper I do not need at that and say rpg firearms Implemented the size was a little weak but I am itsekkin done this, and I change my halikopterin shooting low levels, etc, etc...
Posted on November 13, 2011 1:45AM by gta4naminamimod
if you don't like them cheating than cheat back, otherwise just shut up
Posted on December 13, 2011 6:27PM by Working-mods
Modding makes GTA IV BEASTIER THAN IT Already is
Posted on June 8, 2012 11:23PM by REDMODDER14
rocket wepons are the most destractive and pure evil........... some guys dont deserve it
Posted on July 1, 2012 8:06AM by Shuren
Rocket weapons? *... this might be very bad to some people... 6/10

I suggest this mod should be used on Singleplayer.
Posted on August 20, 2012 1:38PM by Naruto 607
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